Guess what? We have 3 MILLION PALLETS*

*exaggeration possible

It’s no secret that pallets are a creative, sustainable gardener’s dream item, given their versatility, sturdiness and general ability to be freely sourced from factory backyards everywhere. We have been using them to build planters for next season, our goal being to increase square-footage by THREE MILLION* before the end of January.

We would like to sincerely thank Gregor & Co at Man With A Van for offering us free pick-up, delivery, all-round muscle-power and a lot of patience. As a local charity, it’s a privilege to work with local, friendly businesses!


this is not the correct way to store saws



As you can see, the planters are turning out well so far. We plan to build several more, including raised planters suitable for use with a wheelchair!

getting even more sustainable…

We will be getting together to build a few structures for the garden out of willow. Now is the right time of year for lopping some willow withies, which will sprout and look beautiful in the spring. Want to join in? Just click below;
Willow Workshop (free!)

What on earth are we going to do with this excess of planters?! We’re giving a bunch of them away! No, not AWAY away. We’re opening up to applications for growing space within our community garden! If you fit the following criteria;

1. Want growing space?
2. Got zero growing space?
Please see the poster below for an application! (Deadline for returning applications is 21st January, get on it!)

In other news, our office will be closing for winter celebrations from 21st Dec to 6th January, so there will be no workshops from then until 2017