Our garden may be small, but it contains within it some beings who could be rightly described as “real characters” and as you grow your itty-bitty seedling-children, you form attachments and celebrate their nuances and start to hear their floral voices in your head…


9. This lemon balm, although somewhat nondescript from this angle, has been our most loyal and true friend. Sitting at some distance from the actual garden, in a huge, immobile concrete pot (likely left over from when the centre was a primary school), this poor wee melissa officinalis is frequently forgotten about by us when we’re watering wildly on a dry day. Without fail, however, the lemon balm remains lemony, we can make tea with ease, and as a herb, it has multiple medicinal uses. Want the full lowdown? Here’s a link to a Nifty Factsheet on the topic.


8. These wild, out-of-control strawberry plants. Some plants, you gotta tend ’em, you must give them the exaaact right bedding, angle them with a protractor to their preferred sunlight and sing to them at dusk. But strawberries? Oh, apparently, you can leave them alone in an old crate and they will just grow as untamed as Miley Cyrus. But if you want to eat a berry off them, you better beat the birds. And the birds like the green ones. Bad luck.


7. This wilder, out-of-control-er strawberry plant that’s just going for it. Tired of hanging out under the prayer-flag decor, this strawberry plant is doing what strawberry plants do and simply CLONING ITSELF, this strawberry plant is literally GROWING BIG LONG ARMS in an attempt to find some soil to settle into. So, as ooh-ahhh-cutesy-summer-fruit as we have come to believe it is, strawberries are actually very impolite and very extra-terrestrialesque.


6. These funky hairdos who would have you believe yourself to be in a much warmer climate. You’re not, it’s still Scotland. When these guys are bigger, we’ll hang a hammock between them. In the meantime, they just say “dude” and “whoooa” a lot and watch us, all chill like.


5. Someone told me these are squashes, but I know the truth; these are baby birds, little chickadees with their hungry beaks all clamouring for bits of worms. If they were really squashes, we’d be able to tell the difference between these two pictures, and I, for one, most certainly cannot.
DSCF3222 . the-chicks-nest-starvation


4. These fashionably late tomatoes. Shortly after we had begun to grieve their demise, these charming nuisances jumped out all, “Gotcha!” Their punishment will be to be eaten, possibly on a pizza. We’ll give them a pizza our mind! But not while they’re green. *crooning* “Have a little… paaatieeence.”

3. This sycamore tree. We didn’t plant this guy, and unless he hulks out and renders rubble of the concrete slabs, he’s just going to have to remain a tiny but rebellious sycamore, mistaken by many for a mere weed, not the dude who makes thousands of seed-helicopters (for which one does NOT need a license to fly). He also has paint splashes on him at the moment. And that is okay.


2. This sprightly spring onion, aka “Mega Onion”, though now broken under the weight of her own flower head, was a veritable monument to the power of Organic Nurture. Not those piddly greens you buy in bundles with blue rubber bands at the shop, but an unbridled, relentless muscle-onion, the only onion that can even make other onions cry. Kinda proves how cool plants can be when a tree gets mistaken for a weed and an onion gets mistaken for a tree… (this photo was taken out of an aeroplane)
8 (17)


1. Welly, welly, what do we have here? The clear winner of this list and an example of upcycling at its absolute topmost notches, this incredible marigold is chilling out in a wellington boot because why not. The temptation to create a shoe rack entirely filled with a variety of colourful flowers is overwhelming – a project for next spring? Best flower-grown-in-a-shoe-competition? The possibilities are endless!
3 (12)


That’s my incredible list, bringing you the true characters of our individual plantlings and petallynesses and goodly greens. For more NAPIERSHALL ST GARDEN FUN, go make a right point of liking our facebook page – CLICK HERE NOW!