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1111, 2015


Yes, there is torrential rain. Yes, we have about 3 minutes of sunlight per day. Yes, media coverage is 98% the scandal of Asda not participating in discount events. BUT OUR CALENDAR WILL TRULY STOP THE PRESSES. The plants may be sleepy, but the tomatoes are still reddening and we've got one mini squash fighting the slugs, parslane apparently appearing and much garden DIY on the agenda. So upskill yourself

3010, 2015

FREE STUFF! Rainwater Edition!

 Just a brief foray into the WILD WORLD of WATER RECYCLING... I know, I know. You are all blown away by the ingenuity of this outstanding diagram. Depicted in the above, one can observe our extremely delicate robust system for recycling rainwater. What I want you to know first of all is that we had, up until this point, adopted the whole rigmarole of swanning into the Napiershall Street kitchen, attempting

2110, 2015

Back to nature with our wild weans!

This awesome gang concluded together that, yep, magnified slugs DO look like hedgehogs. Who woulda known! This past October holiday week, we piloted our activities for kids! Our wee group came along to Napiershall St. Garden for a wide variety of creative games, arts and crafts provided by Let's Cook, Grow & Sew Together, where they learnt about recycling, upcycling, gardening, minibeasts, and forest skills into the bargain. Phew! Here

2010, 2015

MAKE IT SNAPPY! *Photography Competition*

  MAKE IT SNAPPY! photography competition There are SO MANY things to point a camera at, it's a miracle any of us still use our actual eyeballs. Have you got your competition hat on? Over the next few months, we'll be introducing various environmental themes and your task will be to use your limitless imagination to run riot with that theme, get snap happy with your camera and show us

1610, 2015

Top Nine Plants with Quirky Personalities at Napiershall St Garden

Our garden may be small, but it contains within it some beings who could be rightly described as "real characters" and as you grow your itty-bitty seedling-children, you form attachments and celebrate their nuances and start to hear their floral voices in your head...   9. This lemon balm, although somewhat nondescript from this angle, has been our most loyal and true friend. Sitting at some distance from the actual

610, 2015

Our Learning Resource Library needs… Learning Resources!

In a moment of either folly or genius, I decided to carry a heavy, real-wood bookcase on my shoulder from Pollokshaws to Maryhill. That's almost five miles. But GUESS WHAT. Zero carbon emissions in transit! Zero second-hand items sent to landfill! Zero possibility that I will be able to move properly for a few days! Part of how we intend to make Napiershall St Garden into a community educational space is