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305, 2016

News and Upcoming Events!

Well, it's safe to say the weather has been... interesting... for the past month or so. We can't fail to notice the blistering sun one second, hailstones the next, which can throw a spanner in the workshops. But! Between running back and forth from the cozy learning zone and the garden, we've managed to plant, wait for it... beetroots, squash, courgettes, peas, spinach, broad beans, pak choi, lettuce, cayenne pepper, basil,

1603, 2016


  Our SPRING FESTIVAL was definitely a quantifiable success; this event managed to divert 311 kilograms of stuff from landfill. Oh, that makes the cool, casual carbon-equivalent of flying yourself and three friends directly upwards into space and back again 69.04838709677419 times. This particular Spring Festival was a collaboration between Let’s Cook, Grow and Sew Together and an end-of-project celebration for Branching Out and kicked off with some certificates and

2402, 2016

(a different way of…) Dining Out at Malls Mire

Scouting for wild food (or as our ancestors would call it, “food”) is not a new skill. It is a skill so old that we have started to forget how it’s done! Under the guidance of herbalist Anna, we found that using the natural environment for our health means so much more than chomping on berries – though, of course, berry-chomping is important! Many everyday (and not-so-everyday) illness can be

202, 2016


While folks around you are simply skimming their newspaper on the bus or subway in the morningtime on a soggy Monday, only to leave it behind, with half-hearted scribbly biro all over the sudoku, now with the aid of our weaving workshops, our participants can whip up a variety of beautiful and useful baskets and ornaments. There is a deep satisfaction that comes with hand-recycling something we might usually use

1311, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Headquarters…

In case it wasn't incredibly obvious already that we are extremely busy people over here, I have produced this ingenious feat of advertising, a whole months worth of events indicated neatly in a linear fashion and highlighted subtly by some nice flowers. Aaah. But what has been going on behind the scenes, hmmm? As you may or may not know, this entire shebang is funded by lovely Climate Challenge Fund who are