In a moment of either folly or genius, I decided to carry a heavy, real-wood bookcase on my shoulder from Pollokshaws to Maryhill. That’s almost five miles. But GUESS WHAT.

  • Zero carbon emissions in transit!
  • Zero second-hand items sent to landfill!
  • Zero possibility that I will be able to move properly for a few days!

Part of how we intend to make Napiershall St Garden into a community educational space is going to involve plenty of access to relevant reading materials – we will be looking for books around the topics of gardening, environmentalism, sustainability, anything on cooking, growing and sewing (of course!), and anything interesting about diverse cultures and histories. We are especially interested in books in languages other than English, so that absolutely anyone can come along and have a comfy seat and a read.

If you have any books you’d like to donate to our mini-but-heavy library, get in touch! Or simply drop them off at our WSREC office inside the community centre. Also, feel free to come along anytime for some relax-y, chill-out quiet time in the garden, the gate is always open.

"Hi, my name is Bookshelf. Please fill me with books."

“Hi, my name is Bookshelf. Please fill me with books.”