While folks around you are simply skimming their newspaper on the bus or subway in the morningtime on a soggy Monday, only to leave it behind, with half-hearted scribbly biro all over the sudoku, now with the aid of our weaving workshops, our participants can whip up a variety of beautiful and useful baskets and ornaments.


There is a deep satisfaction that comes with hand-recycling something we might usually use to dry the insides of our shoes or prevent paint splattering the floor or the like, something usually as “expendable” as a plastic cup. Yet another way to avoid unnecessary dumping in landfill. Did you know that the masses of rubbish in landfill take so long to biodegrade that you can still read newspapers from fifty years ago tucked under it all?

We want our newspapers to last for the right reasons! Newspapers are only one of a variety of materials that can be upcycled this way – weaving is an amazing transferable skill that can be used to make anything from hammocks to hats to hampers, out of willow, rags, wire, bamboo, plastic shopping bags, anything bendable or malleable! And, of course, anything we can do to redirect focus away from the seeming infinity of loom bands is probably a good thing.

If you missed the workshop and would like to give it a shot, here is a link to a whole series of weaving instructional videos on youtube.

Basket Weaving on Youtube