Perhaps I have the comic maturity of someone half my age, but I did very much enjoy the jokes ready to be made from the uplift of the freecycled water-butt I acquired for our community garden, “I’m going to get my butt on the bus,” etc., so much so that I stifled myself and started saying “water container” for the sake of my professionalism.

Freecycling is the most beautiful and sustainable way forward. I could trail off into a rant about how much perfectly good stuff ends up wasted, in landfill, while new products are churned out, manufactured with barely a shelf-life and overpriced, but we must focus on the good. It takes a modicum of imagination to see the new in the old. The rule of thumb is, if you don’t want it, maybe someone else will? Can it be mended? Can it be recycled? Can it be upcycled?

Freecycling is a staple of burgeoning gift economy. Hiring a skip or requesting bulk uplift both take significantly more time and money than simply offering your unwanteds as freebies on the internet. And now our community garden has it’s first WATER BUTT container.

If you are interested in this, please see these incredible links below…
these are Glasgow-based freecycle groups, but don’t hesitate to google if your search is from further afield. If you don’t fancy a sign-up process, gumtree is your best bet, but if you plan on being regularly involved, Freecycle groups are plentiful on the net, using yahoo!, etc, as a base.

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