Our SPRING FESTIVAL was definitely a quantifiable success; this event managed to divert 311 kilograms of stuff from landfill. Oh, that makes the cool, casual carbon-equivalent of flying yourself and three friends directly upwards into space and back again 69.04838709677419 times.

This particular Spring Festival was a collaboration between Let’s Cook, Grow and Sew Together and an end-of-project celebration for Branching Out and kicked off with some certificates and prizes, while our main hall was filled up with clothes and books for the taking.
DSC_0690We run our swapshops most informally, on a Like-what-you-see? Take-it-away! basis. Everyone contributes a little something and takes a many something, simultaneously shunning an environmentally harmful new-clothing industry and preventing the very same clothes from ending up overheated on some landfill somewhere. Our mini cinema had a good explanation of why this all happens, showing The Story Of Stuff.
DSC_0710Over the course of the day, recycling arts led to t-shirt rug weaving led to bottle top mosaics led to paintings on cardboard canvases led to carrot seeds in a plant pot and eating parslane and spring onions directly out of the garden and magazine-page-paper-plane races and glitter everywhere.  We provided many of the littlest people with brand new faces, which isn’t probably as weird as it sounds –rainbows, zombies, etc. Many of the bigger people engaged in some of the careful arm walking involved post-henna – most incredibly worth it for the beautiful art produced.
DSC_0717Our upcycled banner decorations were provided by Zero Waste Scotland, and the music, well, the music was sitting up at the very top rung of the ladder of Cool, a hand-cranked gramophone with classic records delivering vintage, crackly, musical goodness, echoing warmly around the hall.  There’s a moral here; zero carbon fun can be found everywhere!!!
Folks, thank you for all of your involvements, you big collection of interstellar indispensable components of The Awesome Machine. And although we cannot get an absolutely spot-on number of attendees, most certainly the number was upwards of 200. Just to put that in really real terms, The Cavern Club in Liverpool has a capacity of about 200-250, which means that OUR SPRING FESTIVAL is EQUALLY AS FAMOUS AND POPULAR as The Beatles. Science has proved it, and see you next time.