18 09, 2015

On yoghurt-eating moss and recycled greenhouses.

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Just in case you didn't know already, there exists on our planet the very real possibility to feed a bubbling-cauldron concoction of beer and yoghurt to your... art?! Cue image of the Mona Lisa guzzling full-fat fromage-frais. So, what we did for our first skill share session, with the help of workshop volunteer and guerrilla

8 09, 2015


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Perhaps I have the comic maturity of someone half my age, but I did very much enjoy the jokes ready to be made from the uplift of the freecycled water-butt I acquired for our community garden, "I'm going to get my butt on the bus," etc., so much so that I stifled myself and started

4 09, 2015

Garden Folk Fest!

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It's time to welcome in the beautiful new Autumn season in the best way imaginable - by dancing and eating and painting our faces! Come along on the 24th of September, 5pm - 8pm at Napiershall Street Garden. The fest is an opportunity for everyone involved with the community garden, all their family, all their

3 09, 2015

Welcome to Skillsharing!

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It's an exciting time - our new skillsharing workshop will be kicking off in mid-September, with a moss graffiti workshop, followed by a glass decoration workshop over two sessions, on Tuesdays from 5.30 - 7.30pm. (see further details below) For those of you not too familiar with skillsharing (also known as freeskilling), the idea is

27 08, 2015

On dealing with foxes.

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an example here of a very dangerous fox. Who knew old bits of food could be so exciting. Following the delivery of our incredible dalek-ish composter, I’ve found myself thinking about how to compost the remains of my food before I’ve even started eating it. There is something wholly satisfying in realising that I can