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2 02, 2016


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While folks around you are simply skimming their newspaper on the bus or subway in the morningtime on a soggy Monday, only to leave it behind, with half-hearted scribbly biro all over the sudoku, now with the aid of our weaving workshops, our participants can whip up a variety of beautiful and useful baskets and

13 11, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Headquarters…

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In case it wasn't incredibly obvious already that we are extremely busy people over here, I have produced this ingenious feat of advertising, a whole months worth of events indicated neatly in a linear fashion and highlighted subtly by some nice flowers. Aaah. But what has been going on behind the scenes, hmmm? As you may or

11 11, 2015


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Yes, there is torrential rain. Yes, we have about 3 minutes of sunlight per day. Yes, media coverage is 98% the scandal of Asda not participating in discount events. BUT OUR CALENDAR WILL TRULY STOP THE PRESSES. The plants may be sleepy, but the tomatoes are still reddening and we've got one mini squash fighting

30 10, 2015

FREE STUFF! Rainwater Edition!

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 Just a brief foray into the WILD WORLD of WATER RECYCLING... I know, I know. You are all blown away by the ingenuity of this outstanding diagram. Depicted in the above, one can observe our extremely delicate robust system for recycling rainwater. What I want you to know first of all is that we had, up

21 10, 2015

Back to nature with our wild weans!

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This awesome gang concluded together that, yep, magnified slugs DO look like hedgehogs. Who woulda known! This past October holiday week, we piloted our activities for kids! Our wee group came along to Napiershall St. Garden for a wide variety of creative games, arts and crafts provided by Let's Cook, Grow & Sew Together, where

20 10, 2015

MAKE IT SNAPPY! *Photography Competition*

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  MAKE IT SNAPPY! photography competition There are SO MANY things to point a camera at, it's a miracle any of us still use our actual eyeballs. Have you got your competition hat on? Over the next few months, we'll be introducing various environmental themes and your task will be to use your limitless imagination

16 10, 2015

Top Nine Plants with Quirky Personalities at Napiershall St Garden

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Our garden may be small, but it contains within it some beings who could be rightly described as "real characters" and as you grow your itty-bitty seedling-children, you form attachments and celebrate their nuances and start to hear their floral voices in your head...   9. This lemon balm, although somewhat nondescript from this angle,

30 09, 2015

What’s tomato with you?

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At laaaast, our tomatoes have come allloooong, my lonely days are ovvver...     Have you all noticed how crisp it is outside? Suddenly, Autumn has returned from her Summer holidays. It is time to squirrel away our Winter nibbles, bring the lettuces in from the cold and pickle absolutely everything in sight. Actually, that's

18 09, 2015

On yoghurt-eating moss and recycled greenhouses.

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Just in case you didn't know already, there exists on our planet the very real possibility to feed a bubbling-cauldron concoction of beer and yoghurt to your... art?! Cue image of the Mona Lisa guzzling full-fat fromage-frais. So, what we did for our first skill share session, with the help of workshop volunteer and guerrilla