In case it wasn’t incredibly obvious already that we are extremely busy people over here, I have produced this ingenious feat of advertising, a whole months worth of events indicated neatly in a linear fashion and $_86highlighted subtly by some nice flowers. Aaah.

But what has been going on behind the scenes, hmmm?

As you may or may not know, this entire shebang is funded by lovely Climate Challenge Fund who are really a bit prestigious by this point, what with all their good deeds and expending of expenditure on our futures and continued existence on the planet. Bless their souls. And what little they request in return but to know just how much we have achieved. As with many such projects, our achievements can mathematically quantified, that’s right, you heard it, we use maths and also chemistry (!!!) to mathematically find out the sum of greenhouse gas emissions we have actively prevented.

So, for example, today I added to our composter 1.3 kg worth of mouldy pumpkin-shells (the mould was all spewing out of the eye sockets of our jack-o-lanterns but who can blame them, we ate their innards) and there they will decompose happily into their beautiful pumpkin afterlife and what they will not do is end up in some landfill as merely a pixel in a gigantic portrait of pollution and nonsense.

Mathematically quantified,  this means… (and I pause here to go to the kitchen to read the new composter sheet to remind myself of the sum I did) … 0.433 kg worth of greenhouse gas emissions will never get to exist, hahahahahaha!!! Sucks to be you, 0.433 kg of greenhouse gas emissions, don’t let the door smack you…

Now that’s food and compost. That’s one thing.

But DID YOU KNOW and this is red and bold for a reason…

Pretty much everything that we do as humans involves the direct or indirect emitting of many greenhouse gases. Now, to some extent, that’s okay. It’s okay like eating one slice of pumpkin pie is okay. Unfortunately, what we, as a species, tend to do is try to eat three or four pumpkin pies all at once. We’re somehow not too great at recognising when our bellies are at their carrying capacity.

All whys and wherefores aside for a second, the Earth (as in, the whole of the Planet Earth that we collectively inhabit) has not only reached, not only tipped over, but actually gone far beyond its carrying capacity, to the point where, if everyone on the Collectively Inhabited Planet Earth lived the same cushty and consumptive lifestyle that a lot of us in the UK do, we would need several Planet Earths to sustain that very lifestyle.

This is why we need to mathematically quantify all the bits and pieces that we do – it’s a good measure of when and where we overstep that boundary and more importantly, how we can reduce our harmful behaviours – think of it as like friendly nausea when you ate too much pumpkin pie.

So, if you’re frequently engaged in any of the following activities; eating, drinking, travelling, shopping, living on the Planet Earth; now is very good time indeed to ensure you’re doing so in way which can actually allow us to continue our existence as a species on the Planet Earth. Unless you’re okay with ending up a piece of MOLTEN ROCK.

OH LOOK, how convenient, a link has suddenly sprung up to aid you in doing exactly as I say, mouhahahahaha!
Carbon Footprint Calculator